19 Reasons, Why You Still Want Him/Her

We’ve probably all gone through this …seems as if it’s a normal that is the breakup of a relationship! It’s hard to let the thought of him off your mind even after your physical and verbal “goodbyes” were said. You cherish all the lovely aspects of your ex-partner even when you know that it’s gone. Why is it you are fighting inside? It’s because it’s likely to be new and regardless of whether you were the one to end this relationship, there are still heartfelt emotions, memories of good times, and fond emotions that remain.

Perhaps you weren’t in a relationship, but were with a gorgeous girl is a total mystery to your thoughts off of. Perhaps she’s just the subject of your fantasies or perhaps you felt that bond of “glue” but she didn’t. But your brain replays her appearance, feeling and words, as well as the aroma or her charm, as if she was the only person you would want to be with.

Maybe you’re in a wonderful relationship and your thoughts about him or her constantly come to the top of your list. If you’re in a romance, love or a deep bond, we focus you on this person and all the positive reasons to keep your relationship alive and flourish.

The most important question is: Why do you keep thinking of him? What is it that makes the thoughts of her come into your mind when you least expect them? The “I still want him/her” thoughts bring back memories that you made together and shared with your loved ones, and help you overcome emotional issues you need to deal with, or to fill in a spot (in the heart) of what you want and love.

There could be a myriad of personal reasons that are that are unique to your circumstances, here’s these Top 19 which seem to strike at the very core of the reasons most of us continue to want them:

Why Do You Still Want Him/Her? 19 Reasons

19 Reasons, Why You Still Want Him/Her

1. She is completely understanding of you.

She understands your moods, your preferences and your values and peculiarities. Although she may not like each one, she is aware of these and will accept each of them as being a part of who you are.

2. He will make you smile until you weep.

He has a particular manner of laughing. You can connect with his funny side regardless of how odd or funny it may seem. He employs humor to ease situations that could be awkward or to lift your spirits or simply to laugh and take in the moment. He can get you into laughter in just minutes. This may cause a beautiful, joyful tear to fall.

3. We share a great bond.

Ah, yes ….the intimate part. You both are blessed with that! Sexual intimacy is not just fantastic most of the time, but it also makes you feel so connected. It’s more than just a physical thing. It truly feels like a connection of your souls that is intertwined.

4. She is caring, kind as well as always ready to dedicate herself to help others.

There are many kind people in the world, and she does it out of genuine love. She doesn’t offer out of a desire to “get” or “get,” but because acting with compassion and love is who she is. She can discern when someone is in need based on more than just their appearance or spoken words.

5. He is your anchor in times of stress.

Oh, heck…life is crazy occasionally, but he’s got the ability to calm your spirit and help you return to your grounded self. He can tell when you’re unbalanced, stressed and will gently help you return to a calm state. Also, is that He does this with ease and can help you get back to your “calmer” self.

6. We share similar values in family and happiness. And our purpose.

We connect in these ways in family life, values, and a sense of our purpose. We might have different views on a variety of topics, but when it concerns”the “foundation”, we are the cement.

7. She motivates you to develop in your development, to expand, and to become an improved person/soul.

Sometimes, you’ll get stuck. However, she’s always your teacher and assists you understand the causes that led to the issue. She understands you will only develop by learning and expanding your knowledge. Her advice is that in order to become your best self, it is essential to learn to improve, adapt, and adapt to change.

8. He’s someone you can trust. He is always there to help you.

When the situation is most challenging, He is always there to help. He will not always attempt to solve the problem however, he will provide suggestions for solutions that are based on a deep sense of wisdom and experience. If you require him during times of stress, sadness or even anger, he will be your best defender and shield your back.

9. Her smile says it all.

Her smile isn’t fake, but real. Her radiant smile is clear the times when you’re doing something far too insane (and she shouts you out) and when she knows that you’re having an incredible enjoyable time (and she shares your joy) and when she observes you are melting your heart because of an unrelated reason (and her heart is melting too) if you haven’t seen her in some time and her ear-to-ear smile (with gorgeous dimples) declares “hello, I have missed you” better than any words can ever.

10. He is grateful for who you are now and not what you could be tomorrow.

He has a good understanding of you. He also supports your desire to change. In addition, He understands the importance of this journey that will change you and is awed by all aspects of you now, in the present. He is supportive of the characteristics you wish to alter about yourself, and the process is done with no pressure!

11. Whatever we decide to do, it’s always a lot of fun.

We always have a blast together. No stress. No drama. When we dine with family or friends or just enjoy a relaxed “people watching” or hanging out, we enjoy the time spent together. It’s relaxing. There’s no pressure to make sure you have fun. The fun we create it. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fun.

12. She can comfortably be around anyone.

She is not a victim of social or socioeconomic obstacles. She can learn from and feels at ease with people from all kinds of backgrounds. No pretense. If we’re at a private event for a corporate client or just a casual night spent with friends. She has a connection with other people and they’re attracted by her genuineness. She is authentic.

13. She can laugh at herself.

She commits a big mistake and then uses it to teach her own valuable lesson. She smiles (sometimes loudly) over her mistakes like she’s saying, “it’s okay, I’m human, and that’s NOT the worst of things..” She isn’t so serious about life and has a far more positive than a beautiful idea of what she is doing within the global community.

14. He is a passionate person who is awed by every moment.

He’s a smart decision maker, but he will live in the present and will teach you to be more successful at the same. His urge to explore new things and live your life to the fullest will inspire you to dip your feet into the waters of new adventures. His joy of living is contagious and his words of encouragement help you expand your view.

15. He is a family-oriented person.

He values his family and puts his family “front and center.” He strives to be a great guide, mentor, and leader to his children. He is in love with his family and his commitment to them is never-ending.

16. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable.

She will share her most intimate desires and emotions. She’s not afraid to reveal her inner self. She could be funny or sexually enthralling and provocative, or daring, or even terrifying however, whatever she is, she’ll “let it all hang out”. This vulnerability lets you discover who she is. The vulnerability requires courage and strength.

17. We are always looking forward to new experiences with each other.

It doesn’t matter if it’s exploring outside our circle, dining at a unique, quirky home-grown restaurant, attempting archery, examining the latest exhibits at the museum or even attending an event like the Hagley Road Rally, we are all in love with it. The exciting moments of life enthralled us! It excites us. It inspires us. It makes us more confident. And it’s always fun!

18. She is aware of “quiet” and when you require it the most.

We all need our own silence greater than other people. She knows when you need “quiet” and when you require it the most. She lets you have time to be on your own and do what you are passionate about and enjoy your work. This is your chance to relax, unwind, recharge, rejuvenate, and re-energize. It’s the time your body, mind and spirit require. Everyone does not understand it that a person has a desire for solitude time…solitude. She is. She accepts it. She honors it.

19. He loves his physical appearance (when you might not feel as gorgeous).

He will always notice a beautiful physical aspect of you…your eyelashes that are set and curly hips, your luscious brunette curls or toes that are kissable. Even when you’re not your best at the camera, she finds something amazing and beautiful about you. Absolutely unique.

20. We always have a great time having fun with our kids.

Being with our children and witnessing the little souls that we’ve created together brings us nothing but joy. Children are a part of our life in a variety of ways.

If you’ve been going through a recent break-up (and are deeply sad for him) and are glued to the latest, most exciting date or adore her to the core in your long-term relationship There are many reasons you want to keep him or her within your circle of friends. Think about all these motives. What is the most important, and do you cherish them? Which are great but might need to get rid of? Know what is the “why” behind every reason …..the motives behind why you’re still interested in them.

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